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To the Dreamers Who Want To Be Doers

From the day of the official launch and beyond I worked tirelessly but I still didn’t make a single penny for nine months. For many this is when they would’ve quit- this is when they would ditch the dream for the next shiny object. So to all of my dreamers reading this -THIS is where I want to challenge you. I come across so many ultra talented creatives, dreamers + entrepreneurs who never get past the idea phase.

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Confidence is Sexy, Wear it Daily

Confident people are noticeable; they stand out. They're fun, entertaining, admirable, captivating, and a slew of other words including sexy. Let’s think about this for a second…. What do you find most attractive about someone? The gender-neutral answer more than likely is, their CONFIDENCE. 

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5 Tips for Instant Chic

Let me start by saying that yes, chic is easily my favorite fashion term. Probably because it evokes so many visuals for me I think of sleek, stylish, city fashion rolled into a fabulous ball of hair and makeup! But as much as I love the word I also try to remain very conscious of implementing final chic touches to my outfit. So I am here to help out my fellow fashion lovers with 5 Tips for Instant Chic as well as a new outfit post!

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