To the Dreamers Who Want To Be Doers

Ok everyone please raise your hand is someone has ever told you “you make it look easy”? Whether it’s you being a full time student and full time employee or killing it raising four kids under the age of six or breaking the internet with your viral videos. For myself it’s been the creation of A Creative Cliché and my growth as a stylist + creator. From the outside looking in it may seem that my path to creative entrepreneurship has been a breeze- at least that’s what I’ve been told.

The idea for A Creative Cliché was born exactly five years ago. I was a recent college grad working a pretty sweet but temporary gig at a local hospital. I was making decent money and truly had minimal workplace responsibilities but still felt pretty unfulfilled. See even though I received my bachelors in science (Kinesiology) I knew I was a creative at heart. A Creative Cliché was birthed out of my desire to merge a myriad of creative forms of expression into one place.

It took months and months of planning before I ever launched. And that was mostly because of two things 1. fear 2. fear wrapped in the idea of perfectionism because honey, those two often come in pairs. Luckily I had a cheerleader in my corner: my amazing husband who would go on to be my business manager. With a full plan, plenty of passion, a word from the Lord + a cheerleader/supportive husband behind me I dove into this new venture fully. That was March of 2015.

From the day of the official launch and beyond I worked tirelessly but I still didn’t make a single penny for nine months. For many this is when they would’ve quit- this is when they would ditch the dream for the next shiny object. So to all of my dreamers reading this -THIS is where I want to challenge you. I come across so many ultra talented creatives, dreamers + entrepreneurs who never get past the idea phase. Unfortunately passion and excitement are just a small fraction of what it takes to make a vision happen. The bigger components are: discipline, grit, proper planning + the determination to stand firm.

Will you stand firm on your vision? When you only profited $400 this month, will you stand firm? When you receive your 10th rejection THIS WEEK, will you stand firm? When the inquiries slow down. When the brands and people you want to notice you DON’T for the fifth year in a row. When it feels like you’re progressing in a pool of molasses, will you stand firm? Sometimes standing firm is something that can feel like a big ole easier said than done situation, I get it, but find your rock. Your rock is what you can hold on to when the vision seems like it’s fading. For me it has absolutely been Godfidence, trust what God has said to me is true (whew!). Even when that’s easier said than done it is what keeps me solid.

So to all of my dreamers who are not yet does, just know we are ALL waiting on you!
(Romans 8:22)

My friends from Femme Luxe were gracious enough to do another collaboration with me and I’m super excited to share some of the killer looks ! This go around I didn’t stick to any theme instead I truly picked the items that I absolutely loved and felt I would get the most use out of. My first pick was this pair of mid wash jeans called the Cora. The cut of the jeans were a bit different than expected but I loved how funky they were. These are definitely a pair of jeans I can grab when I am wanting to spice things up a bit and per usual with femme luxe, tons of room for some stretching. I paired these jeans with my TopShop glitter tube top to give it a glam yet funky look.

Femme Luxe Refinery Jeans; Femme Luxe Refinery Cora Jeans

My next pick of course was another loungewear set, listen up if you’ve missed my past collaborations with Femme Luxe you have no clue how nuts I am about their loungewear sets. They are the perfect thing for my ladies who want comfort and the ability to still be chic. I use my loungewear sets often on errand days where I still want to look put together. This set is the Khaki Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set called Lacy. I paired this with a pair of rainbow heels but on a typical errand day I’d be wearing some sneakers or mules with this look.

Femme Luxe Refinery Loungewear Set; Femme Luxe Refinery Loungewear Set Lacy

My third pick was the Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set called Asia. I loved the look of this loungewear set as I’d say it is one of their most posh loungewear sets it can very easily be dressed up because of the small details including the belted element. I paired this look with simple gold jewelry and a pair of light gold Louboutins.

Black Femme Luxe Refinery Loungewear Set; Asia Loungewear Set Femme Luxe Refinery

My last pick was this Black Polka Dot Puff Sleeve Dress called the Karsyn. I’ll be honest I was the most excited about this dress before it even got delivered, mostly because of how classic it is. Even with the puffy sleeves I can see myself wearing this dress for years. The classic print and cut is so chic so I opted to let it shine by pairing with minimal black heels and a black wool wide brim hat.

Karsyn Femme Luxe Refinery Dress; Polka Dot Femme Luxe Refinery Dress