Clothes That Make Your Skin Glow

I’m sure by now you are familiar with highlighting & contouring as well as strobing to create a great facial glow. But how many of you know that clothes can make you skin glow too? I immediately fell in love with the color of this blouse and knew immediately that it would look flawless against my warm autumn skin. Every skin tone has colors that compliment them best. Check out the following to find out which colors best suit you!

Warm Tones:

SPRING- Have golden undertones and are usually a cream or peach color.

Ideal colors to wear include orange based colors including peach, ochre and coral.


AUTUMN- Have golden or yellow undertones.

Ideal colors to wear include gold, bronze, copper, caramel beige, apricot, olive and tomato red.


Cool Tones:

SUMMER- Have blue red or pink undertones

Ideal colors to wear include lilac, pastels, sapphire, white, ruby, silver, gold and blues.


WINTER- Have blue, red or pink undertones. Skin color can range from pale white to black.

Ideal colors to wear include white, black, navy blue, grey, red, silver and platinum.

Winters differ from Summers as their skin and hair color have extreme contrast.


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