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Style Guide: Valentine's Day Edition

Admit it every year for Valentine’s day you get stumped on what to wear. So much so that you run out on February 13th in a frenzy to ask the store associate what you should buy for your Valentine’s day plans. OHHHHH and trust me this isn’t just what happens on Valentine’s day this is all year long.

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5 Tips for Instant Chic

Let me start by saying that yes, chic is easily my favorite fashion term. Probably because it evokes so many visuals for me I think of sleek, stylish, city fashion rolled into a fabulous ball of hair and makeup! But as much as I love the word I also try to remain very conscious of implementing final chic touches to my outfit. So I am here to help out my fellow fashion lovers with 5 Tips for Instant Chic as well as a new outfit post!

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