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Wardrobe Planning for Easier Outfits

Remember back in your younger school days you’d plan your outfit the night before class? Sometimes even for the whole week! Okay, maybe your parents did it for you. But the point is that time was SAVED from having to figure it out the day of….let’s keep that same energy sis and apply that time saving approach to our clothes.

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To the Dreamers Who Want To Be Doers

From the day of the official launch and beyond I worked tirelessly but I still didn’t make a single penny for nine months. For many this is when they would’ve quit- this is when they would ditch the dream for the next shiny object. So to all of my dreamers reading this -THIS is where I want to challenge you. I come across so many ultra talented creatives, dreamers + entrepreneurs who never get past the idea phase.

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EMMYS 2019 BEST + WORST DRESSED: Red Carpet Re-Cap
Mexico Style + Travel Vlog

We share our travel + style during a recent trip to Mexico. Featuring the Platinum Princess Yucatan Resort and tons of fashion.

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Meeting Agenda: How To Control the Convo With Your Outfit

…are a few fun outfit features that still project a professional image to clients, customers and future employees. They also invite others to approach you and confidence to wear these in a meeting will spill over into your presentation and your persona. Issa win!

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Latest Style Picks with Femme Luxe Refinery

With that being said I am super excited to share another collaboration with them. On this go around I still aimed to fill a few needs in my wardrobe, which include: tops, flare denim, a lot more loungewear and some options I can wear when working with clients. All outfit details will be included as well as direct links to all of the pieces directly from Femme Luxe.

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