Building A Wardrobe with Femme Luxe

As a personal stylist I am constantly evaluating wardrobes. Whether it be that of my clients or my own personal wardrobe.  When it involves going through my clients’ wardrobes the process comes with a ton of prep work. For example I start off with a full hour long consultation with my client to best understands their needs, their personal taste, their goals and even their history with shopping! And I know- it may sound weird to have a history when it comes to shopping but we all do. (but we’ll talk about that in another blog post) All of the prep work that I conduct ensures that when I step into the client’s wardrobe I toss aside all of my biases in lieu of the needs of the client.


Now when it comes to handling my own wardrobe evaluation. It is easy as pie. And that’s because I do the groundwork. What’s that groundwork look like? Well I’ll tell you. The groundwork for my personal style actually starts every single New Year. Come late December or early/mid January (just being honest!) I create a general vision board, a list of goals + a personal board of my style goals. YES! I do all of that to start my year on the right foot. I’m sorry but time is precious and I do not want to waste a year because I did not fully prepare.


I recommend to anyone who is interested in creating a personal board for your style goals to 1. Sign up for Pinterest and thank me later! & 2. Visit some of our blog posts regarding how to have a style vision. This year my style board consisted of a ton of neutral tones: black, white, grey, taupe, olive as well as a ton of silver and gold. My goal was to have a look that was more simple yet polish. Casual yet sophisticated. My goal was to cut down on the amount of colors I was wearing as well as louder prints and re-introduce strong silhouettes and solid colors.


I had been successfully doing that through out the year. But like the stylist that I am I would re-visit and re-evaluate my wardrobe about once a month. In fulfilling my style goals for the year I started to realize that some things were missing. This included: casual lounge wear, no brainer jumpsuits, versatile dresses that could be worn for work or play, sneakers, more semi casual tops and some sexy date night pieces.


            So when Femme Luxe Refinery reached out to me for a collaboration I thought let’s give this a go! I hadn’t heard much about the brand so I wanted to do my research before ordering. Upon searching I found a myriad of bloggers commenting about the brand and figured “why not?”. I went to the site and immediately loved the way the clothing was displayed. All of the clothing was styled simply so that you could truly focus on the pieces. After looking around the site for a bit I decided on my favorites. Two lounge wear sets in neutral colors of course, a black jumpsuit and a sexy black leather top.


After ordering it took a bit over a week to arrive and I was super excited to wear everything.  Let’s talk about the Deanna lounge wear sets I got in black and khaki. Truly, these are not in any way a “new” look as I’m sure you’ve seen these simple coordinated sets all over the internet Instagram especially. But when I tell you I am in love! I am simply in love. The cropped top feature adds a sexy element to the casual jogger pairing. I’ve worn these sets to run errands, to grab a quick bite with my husband, and even for hanging around the house getting some admin work done. As a woman the power of sexiness & comfort is rarely seen at the same time but these coordinated sets get it right every single time.


The Evelyn Black Belted One Shoulder Jumpsuit didn’t exactly hit the way I imagined it would. Don’t get me wrong it still looked nice but would definitely be reserved for a night out. I was looking for a piece that was a bit more versatile. But my husband definitely loved the sexy sophisticated feel on this outfit. I’d keep it simple and pair it with black and metallic accessories with a bold lippie.


OMG, this Amy Black PU Corset Top! OMG. Now I will say when I ordered I was about ten pounds lighter! Hahaha. So careful when ordering sizes on this one, I’d go up a size just for comfort, well as much comfort as possible when wearing a literal corset. I love this piece and the idea of pairing it with something non-revealing. So jeans, a maxi skirt,etc where you can give a touch of sexy while still leaving something to the imagination.


Overall, I’d say these lounge wear sets were my favorite! I especially loved the black set. I’ve paired it with heels, sneakers, boots- it literally works with everything. What’s your favorite piece highlighted?