Client testimonials

Carla has done an amazing job picking out the right pieces for my work wardrobe. She picked outfits from my closet that I never knew would go together. I was also amazed that she actually took the time to go to the stores before I arrived to pick out multiple outfits for me to try on. I was in disbelief that shopping would be so easy. She also surprised me with a makeover from Sephora. Everyone at my work was shocked when I walked in with my new clothes. It felt as though people respected me even more. I highly recommend Carla and will be contacting her in the future for another shopping adventure.
— Vicki, IT Professional
I have been seeing Carla for nearly 2 years now and I want to say I have been so happy with the entire experience from the beginning. First off, Carla is AMAZING and the SWEETEST person and this helps make the experience great every time!....I wish I had found Carla sooner! I could have saved a lot of money and been stress free. Before Carla, I wasted so much money on pieces that didn’t make sense, work or come together. Looking forward to many many many years to come :-)
— Sarah, Business Owner
Carla was great. She contacted me and we talked over the phone. She was professional and helped me relook at my clothes and helped me figure out what looked good on me. Also she came out to my house which is not close to Orlando and help me start to learn how to shop for clothes. Instead on running in and out and hoping for the best. Now I can shop and feel good about buying something I will wear and it not set in my closet. She is even willing to shop with me in the future. I do recommend Carla
— Kimberly, Entrepreneur
Carla was very professional and communicated often and clearly. She was thorough in getting to know my style and shopping with her was super easy. It was like having a friend full of fashion wisdom. I have a lot more confidence in my style now.
— Tyna, Teacher
Really, this was a terrific experience and the result was just what I hoped it would be. My goal with Carla was to eliminate from my closet those clothes which simply didn’t work for me anymore because of lots of life changes... I really feel this is so worth the money because now I won’t waist money on clothing I won’t wear. I am surprised at how much more confident I feel in what I am wearing just knowing it is a good color and silhouette for me. Highly recommended.
— Marilyn, Acting Coach & Former Broadway Star
Carla has been AMAZING so far. I needed help expressing my style, boosting my confidence, and finding what would look good on me. Carla and I had a great consultation, she really tried to grasp the type of style I’d like to have and the type of style I had now. She picked out a few outfits from my closet that I really liked and that I never thought of. We are going shopping Monday and I can’t wait to see how I’ll look in all the things she picks out. Her price is very reasonable and I highly recommend people doing this if they need to boost their self-confidence.
— Joanna, Make Up Artist
This was my first time with a fashion consultant. I was a little nervous since I didn’t know how this works exactly, but it was much easier than I thought and my experience with Creative Cliche was very enjoyable.
— Vaughn, Actor
I was thrilled with my experience with Carla. She has an undeniable gift for wardrobe styling. I had a style consultation followed by personal shopping. She has an incredible eye for finding what is most flattering for your body type, style, and personality. I have acquired a peace of mind knowing I have a stylist I can depend on in handling my looks for some of the most important moments in my life and career.
— Jenna, Social Worker