4 Ways to Refresh your Work Wardrobe

Toss your over-worn work dress to the side and dust off your power suit. Women all around the world are "wearing the pants" and I have to say, it's about time.

Here's a few tips to refresh your typical work wardrobe. 


1. monochromatic

It's time to be BOLD in the office ladies! Here's some bright, monochromatic looks that will let everyone know you're the boss. 


2. powerful pants

If you're getting bored with wearing black pants every day, try spicing it up with a pop of color. Keep it neutral on top and make your pop of color your pants! 


3. black + white never fails 

Black and white should be your go-to combo. It is chic and will always look good. 



4. neutral

Keep it light and fresh with these neutral looks in the office.