How & Why To Create A Style Vision Board

Vision board parties have been popping up a lot and with good reason. Many people are visual learners and ‘seeing it is believing it’. Just like when you go shopping, certain items may not seem to your liking or betterment until you actually put it on. A vision board is a great tool to have if you want to maintain focus on specific goals. Obviously here at A Creative Cliché we’re here to help improve or inspire your personal style, however we’re not with you everyday. So here’s why you should create a style vision board. You need a visual reminder to give you that direction or push! A style vision board would help direct your style along with your (style) goals. Whether you want to gather your friends or family for this, take the time to create a personal board while keeping in mind your current style and lifestyle.


We believe everyone should take action towards creating and improving, don’t you think? Well your style vision board will help you find your aesthetic and develop your personal style so here’s how to create one.


1. Decide on a physical or electronic style vision board

2. Collect what inspires the style you want to create. Look through magazines, visit style blogs and websites, and find trinkets.

3. Put them all together and hang it up by your closet for that daily affirmation.

4. Carry a visual version or photo of your board with you for use when shopping- it will help you decide what’s an important purchase vs a want


Want a better way to be stay inspired to take action on your personal style? Just snap a picture on your phone and bring your style vision board with you! Especially when we all spend time scrolling through our phones, this will help to visually inspire you and direct you into creating the style you need to achieve your goals.