Think Piece on Letting Go & Alignment

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Take a deep breath. We’re about to break into song. Ready?


“Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore”


Ok, so singing Disney’s Frozen wasn’t what you were expecting but here’s the beauty... it’s actually pretty good advice when it comes to letting go this year. Like that outfit from 3 sizes ago, 3 years ago, 3 stains ago. LET IT GO! We spend a lot of our lives forming attachments to things, yes good and bad. So let’s make sure this year that those outfits still serve a good purpose, otherwise it’s taking up space in your mind and in your closet.

We want to take on this year with a fresh and open outlook, so old outfits attached to old mindsets are a no no. You know that saying “when you look good you feel good”? Attract more good by also realigning your closet.  And no you don’t have to go to the extreme measure of a custom closet. Whether organizing by color, putting lesser-worn items upfront, or just switching out the normal layout, a new system will definitely help in realigning your mind too. 

And if you’re reading this feeling totally overwhelmed and still unsure of where to start understand that we can help! Sometimes the best push is to start working with a professional who cares not only about your image but your overall goals- you know job promotion, enhanced love life, etc. And we can help with that! Press the “contact” button to get a jumpstart !