Style Adventures: Cuba Edition

Vacations are so necessary, and it truly took me becoming a working adult who could no longer relish in the idea of a summer vacation to really understand that. So when I learned that Cuba was officially open to the US for travel, I jumped to book a trip, any trip that would allow me to get a taste of Cuba. Before landing in Cuba I was warned of all of the cobblestone so, no heels! I know, I know, so out of my element but I was committed to bringing the drama that is Cuba and it's style. Cue the off the shoulder canary yellow top I purchased just for this trip. 

Just a few tips for Cuba travel because so many people have been interested

  1. The sun is really intense, even compared to Florida, this sun was just a bit hotter so please wear a hat AND have tons of sunblock.
  2. Like I mentioned there's tons of cobblestone through out the city of Havana. Being from Boston I knew that meant you need to be ready to trip over something at any given moment, so please wear something flat or pretty close to flat unless you want to be face to face with the ground.
  3. There's pretty limited A/C, actually everywhere we visited in Havana didn't have any A/C. Definitely possible to go without it, but I just want to give you fair warning. Dress accordingly.
  4. Brush up on your Spanish. Of course, it's Spanish speaking country and for the most part we were able to communicate with the vendors,etc. But it really couldn't hurt to brush up on your key Spanish words and phrases. 

But enough of the chit-chat I just want to share the visuals with you. Hope you enjoy!  

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