Tailored for Tinder: How to Stop The Left Swipe

If you’re one of the millions of people on Tinder, you know nothing illustrates the power of first impressions quite like the left or right swipe. With such limited information to take in when making a swipe decision, your profile photos could make all the difference in who you match with. 

Read on to find out how to get the matches you want through your photos:

Dress for the First Date:

We’ll talk in more detail about date attire next week, but for your profile, choose a photo that represents you in a way that your potential match knows exactly what they can expect to see on a first date. Ditch the sunglasses and hats for the first photo (at least) to lessen the chance of surprises about your appearance once you meet a match in person.


Share What You Love:

If you have at least one hobby that you love, you are naturally more interesting and attractive, so show it off! But do so carefully by sharing with intention— the goal is to spark another’s interest and curiosity about you.


Post Your Best Self:

You know, that one photo you took recently that you loved and shared immediately. Happiness is contagious, confidence is sexy and people will want to swipe right just to be around you.


What Not to Post:

By keeping these 5 dating profile photo, "don'ts," in mind, you can avoid an immediate rejection while staying true to yourself-

1. Blurry and/or poor quality photos: If you have to question it, the quality probably isn't good enough. Pro tip: Natural light is key. 

2. Mirror Selfies: If you absolutely have to take a mirror selfie, be intentional about what is being reflected in the background (no toilets, clutter, etc.). Asking a friend to take the photo for you is usually the best option. 

3. Photos with filters, stickers, and added text: People want to see what you naturally look like. Cropping a photo and adding a little light is okay, but the only filter you need is your smile!

4. Group Photos: This is your profile, so you should be the focus. A sports team photo or one of you and your family on a mountain can be great icebreakers, so save it for the date.

5. Wrinkled, stained, or ill-fitting clothing: Show that you put value in looking presentable to potential dates. If you need help in this department, that's what we're here for.