Style Equations: Birthday Edition

So it was my 24th birthday and my husband told me he had been working on a huge surprise. Usually I love to don a great pair of stilettos, a face beat to heaven & an amazing dress. But since I wasn’t sure what on earth I was getting into so I decided to wear an outfit that could translate from daytime chic to evening sexy.

I chose a great sexy H&M that would look great with or without anything additional. I chose a  bohemian kimono to create a more casual look as well as adding wedges and casual jewelry. The kimono piece was light enough to work on top of the dress but could easily be removed to reveal a more classic outfit underneath.This is a perfect example of being able to transition from day to night with the same basic pieces. Check out how one dress can work in so many ways.


White dress+ kimono+ wedges=  dressy casual (before 7pm)

White dress+ pumps=  sexy formal (after 7pm)

White dress+ sandals= summer casual

white dress+ blazer+ flats= office attire

white dress+ black tights+ chelsea boots+ cardigan= winter party

white dress+ leather pencil skirt on top+ black stilettos= formal event

The opportunities are endless with the right pair of shoes & accessories.

How do you go from day to night?