Women's Must Haves for 2018


Who wants to be wearing last season clothing? However, it’s not last season until everyone stops rocking it. So with that being said here are some ‘Must have for 2018’. For some reason, these outfit pieces are the right combination of trendy & timeless . Which is awesome because it means they will have some staying power in your wardrobe, plus they're super stylish.

·         Boyfriend jeans, what would we do without them. Weather dressing up or down boyfriend jeans always complements the look.

·         Having all white sneakers was essential for last year’s look because not only did it complement an outfit but it also added a whole new meaning to it.

·         Knee-high boots will always bring out the best in an outfit.

·         Gucci coveted T-shirt made its debut this year and is already everyone’s go-to T-shirt.

·         Tie-wasted trousers is nothing but useful for every event. Something so universal has to carry on to the next year.

·         Black Acetate frames are a great way to finish off an outfit. Confidence and sassiness is what these glasses bring.

·         Korean fashion Backpack just adds the right amount of cuteness in an outfit.

·         Pencil skirts highlights every curve and allows you to be sexy yet sophisticated all at the same time.

·         Beret was definitely popping the season before and the season before that. Classic berets adds a chic spin to any look!