#Make-Up Matters!

As important as the right clothing and accessories are to style, the right make up can make or break any look. I recently had the chance to have my face beat by Tiffani Rains. Her make up looks were stellar! But we can't all be make-up artists and we can't all look like Kylie Jenner everyday but we can all have make-up basics down to help complete our looks.
Basic Make-Up Lessons:
1. Learn the basics: how to apply a basic foundation, lip color & mascara
2. It's okay to be budget friendly and use drug store products but ALWAYS use your best match not the most "popular product"
3. Learn to coordinate your outfit and make-up choices but not necessarily match.
4. Don't be afraid to experiment!
5. Subscribe & follow amazing make-up artists & you tubers for amazing tips & tutorials
6. Be kind to your skin wash daily, exfoliate & moisturize regularly.