Vintage Feels

A simple look for a simple work day but I can’t help get about a million “vintage feels” when I look at this. Think back to 1980′s fashion- Cosby Show, Different World, Growing Pains,etc. It’s really a coincidence that the last two posts have been so chic & vintage I promise. But there is such a boldness a woman has to carry when wearing looser, baggier shirts and trousers because you still are aiming to present your femininity. I think I should also mention that the turtle neck is genuine vintage as my mum gave it to me straight from her old closet. I think I’m going to feature my mom’s old wardrobe she was such a fashionista! The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

A Creative Cliche

pants (Gap); shoes (F21); top (mom-vintage); necklace (h&m)