Styling services

Whether you need one amazing outfit for an upcoming event, a total wardrobe make-over or perhaps you aren't sure of what you need but simply know you need help- there's a style service solution for you!


Personal Styling

Tired of staring at your closet in the morning in frustration? Have a big event to attend and have no time to secure the perfect look? Perhaps you know you need style help but have no clue where to start?


fashion presentations &
Speaking engagements

Have a group in need of guidance when it comes to style, their appearance, first impressions,etc. Need a fashion show styled and conceptualized for an upcoming event? Need to establish work attire for your growing business and employees?


Wardrobe Styling

Have a brand or company that needs styling for commercial work? Are you a creative who needs a fashion expert as part of your creative team? Know you need to create a visual vision but aren't quiet sure where to start?

Additional Services

  • Creative Direction
  • Fashion Show Styling
  • Advertising