How To Spring Clean Your Closet Like A Pro


Spring is fully in session and I feel it is only right to talk about spring cleaning your wardrobe. For me going through my wardrobe to "purge", re-organize and re-think is a constant thing but for many of you it may not be. I'm here to talk through the steps of effective spring cleaning in your closet.

1. Think about what your dream wardrobe is. To start this process decide on 3-4 style icons and look through fashion magazines or Pinterest (check out mine here). This process helps you zone in on the direction you'd like your wardrobe to go in and help you learn more about your personal style.

2. Absolutely donate, sell or toss any clothing that you haven't worn in a year. This is the ultimate purge portion. Feel free to use this time to also get rid of things with damage, permanent stains, etc.

3. Move your cold season clothing to the back of your closet or to an alternative storage space. This will help de-clutter your closet and make it visually more organized.

4. Create an organization method. For me it's all color coded I start at the far left of my closet with white, black, grey and end on the right with multicolor prints. This system helps me so much that I can often imagine my closet in the shower and create an outfit before drying myself off. For others their system may be in terms of categories or themes. Whatever the case may be chose a method and stick with it- you'll thank me later!

5. Utilize your space! IF that means you need to purchase extra clothing racks, hangers, shelves,etc. then do it! Organize your clothing and accessories to help you visually keep inventory, speed up the styling process and to keep all of your items in tip-top shape.

6. Create a shopping list for your wardrobe. This is something I've done for years! We all have a habit of creating a rolling shopping list for groceries for some on the fridge, their phone or mirror to help us remember what's needed. But why don't we use this same concept for our wardrobe? This will help you save $$$ while shopping as you will focus on buying clothing items that you need and have listed prior to arriving to the mall. Write out the clothing you are needing and go out and hunt :)




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