Like White on Rice

I'm sure many of you had a chance to check out my bohemian vibes post about a photoshoot I styled back in June. Well that photoshoot actually had two themes! I had a ball transforming the girls from their funky boho-chic attire to a neutral all white theme! The girls also had a chance to showcase more of their personality as we worked together coming up with the complete styling for each look! Working with a neutral and monochromatic theme (one of my favs!) allows for so much flexibility when it comes to accessorizing and pulling together a look that is complete. How do ya'll like styling neutrals? Do you lean towards adding bright colors, or perhaps dark tones? What about metallics or additional print? All of it works, just learn to dress for YOU

Anywho, check out some of the awesome shots from that day! The rest are in the portfolio section.

A Creative Cliche

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