Spring Style Transition

I live in the North East and right now we are just praying for Spring to show itself. As I write it is currently about 36 F. That’s right we are practically at freezing, right in the midst of Spring. But if you’re like me you will not let the weather deny you of the Spring fashions we know and love.

Tips for Transitioning from Winter to Spring Style:

1. Ditch the Tights!
Spring is here and what a great reason to show off your legs. Embrace skirts, dresses and even shorter length pants that will show off the legs you worked (or didn’t) work for! For days that the stubble is out of control opt for some knee high tights and socks or even ankle lengths.

2. Switch out the Pea Coats!
Whether you prefer leather, denim, trench coats, suede jackets etc. Now is the time to wear them in full force! No more hiding behind bulky outwear, and hiding a fabulous outfit, our outwear now completes the outfit!

3. Include Pastels and Whites
Though I never believed in the ancient fashion rule of “not wearing white after labor day” It seems that by the time fall arrives white really has very little place in our wardrobe. And then comes Spring and the brighter, longer days inspire whites and lighter hues. Welcome in white and pastels like lilac, baby pink and powder blue into your wardrobe. Whether it is via clothing, fashion jewelry, lip colors or shoes let lighter hues in!

4. Hats still Rule!
All winter we were loving classic knits like chunky scarves, warm hats and hoods. We still love hats during spring but the style is all different. Caps are great! And so on trend as they now come in floral patterns, leather, denim, khaki, you name it! Fedoras, floppy hats and even caps are  perfect for sunny days, rainy days and even lazy days.

5. Keep on Layering!
Spring is definitely a time for layering because let’s face it the weather is all over the place! An normal spring day may consist of rain in the morning, sun by mid-day and freezing by 7pm. Learn to layer light sweaters, denim jackets, oxford shirts, knit shirts etc.

6.Don’t forget Spring Classics
Do not forget to incorporate ample prints, watercolors, florals, and mixed materials to show off the fun of spring!