So, you hate your closet, now what?!


Well, let me start by saying that if you missed my last blog post "Help: I Hate My Whole Closet!", you need to check it out! Especially since it seems that I'm coming across a ton of people who are feeling the exact same way. But I want to know what have you guys been doing to get yourselves out of that funk?! Because I'm worried if you are not doing a thing about it. You see, as a personal stylist I know how much of a difference your clothing, look and how you personally feel about the two can effect your day to day. Often times those who put their appearance, looks & confidence on the back burner are the same ones who will 1. forego self-care, 2. sell themselves short, 3. not pour love or positive affirmations into themselves, 4. not be comfortable in front, in leadership or in the spotlight. I say this to say, feeling good about your closet, attire and appearance literally will change the pep in your step. Don't believe me.

Have you ever left your house around midnight to get a snack or maybe run to your local Target? While there you run into your (ex, former colleague, old friend from middle school, etc.)- meanwhile you look like a train wreck. You have on your house clothes, your hair is half way slept on and your dogs hair is still all over your shirt. The first thing running through your mind when seeing someone you haven't seen in a while should be excitement or curiosity. But unfortunately all you can think of is wanting to hide behind the frozen section. You are mortified that after all your hard work, accomplishments, success in love, the only thing your run-in-friend may remember is how awkward you looked. NOW-imagine the same run in, while you were dressed up well for a date. How different, you would feel running into someone from your past, proud even! So instead of wallowing in your misery hating your wardrobe, not feeling amazing when you start your day and being tired of the hum drum way you are looking at life. Let's make a plan to shift that wardrobe, shift your mindset & your life! Step 1, will be coming on how to create a vision for your look.