Meeting Agenda: How To Control the Convo With Your Outfit

We understand that for professional settings you obviously want to have on appropriate attire. Employers and employees must provide the image that best supports company cultures and values. But what do you want your outfit to say? No, truly.

To command attention, respect, or even consideration you should know that fashion influences many things. So whether you’re the facilitator, speaker, or even attendee of a meeting you’ll have to speak up at some point right? Situations like meetings are usually straightforward with an agenda to cover soooo why not let your outfit have an agenda to cover too. If you have social anxiety think of it as a little interjection here and there.

Below are a few fun outfit features that still project a professional image to clients, customers and future employees. They also invite others to approach you and confidence to wear these in a meeting will spill over into your presentation and your persona. Issa win!

Abstract Scarf & Pocket Square

Others will notice your excellent taste.

Standout Accessories

Great conversation starters.

Interesting Shoes

Not too outrageous that you can’t wear them again.