Latest Style Picks with Femme Luxe Refinery

So last month I had the opportunity to try out some pieces from Femme Luxe Refinery. Well let’s just say I may officially be hooked! Click the link here to see exactly what I picked up last time. At my first run I really picked pieces according to what I needed aka the gaps in my wardrobe at the time. Which truly has been loungewear. And let me tell you I picked up two loungewear sets from Femme Luxe regularly, at least 2-3 times a week.

With that being said I am super excited to share another collaboration with them. On this go around I still aimed to fill a few needs in my wardrobe, which include: tops, flare denim, a lot more loungewear and some options I can wear when working with clients. All outfit details will be included as well as direct links to all of the pieces directly from Femme Luxe.

When loungewear started making its way into street wear and main street fashion I was a bit hesitant. I say this because at the time most of my wardrobe was very formal. I longed for very dressed up and polished looks 24/7. I mean whether I was going to the mall, class or church it really didn’t’ matter. So I find it almost comical that I am so hooked on the loungewear sets from Femme Luxe Refinery.

Deanna Loungewear Set ; Femme Luxe Refinery Loungewear Set

My first pick was another Deanna loungewear set. This in theory may sound a bit redundant but when I tell you I fell in love with the Deanna loungewear set I truly mean it. They are super comfortable and soft as well as chic. So far I’ve paired the set with heels, sneakers, black combat boots- you name it! Most recently I wore the camel Deanna loungewear set with a pair of amazing heels. To pair with the set I selected a snake print heel from Coach. The neutral tones and gold accents really paired well with the neutrality of the camel color, I absolutely loved it! And darling so did everyone else it was easily one of my most liked looks.

It currently feels like we are in the middle of a transition when it comes to denim. In the last few years we have seen a major focus on skinny and slim fits but no closet is complete without some versatility. Queue in a few options that allow for versatility while still keeping up with the present times: a pair of wide leg jeans, boyfriend jeans, mom jeans and a pair of distressed denim- in no particular order.

My second pick was a pair of Genesis dark wash flare denim. This pair of denim jeans from Femme Luxe Refinery are  cute but the comfort level is out of this world! The folks over at Femme Luxe have found the magical formula for the perfect amount of spandex and stretch in a pair of chic denim and I am obsessed. Interestingly enough my last pair of wide leg pants were pretty uncomfortable with little to no give so wearing these jeans have been a breeze. I paired the jeans with a dainty white satin top years old yet never worn from Top Shop. It features a cut out neckline; button back choker and sheer back details- talk about one of a kind. Flare denim as a whole looks best when paired with closed toe heel options so I went with an orange Sam Edelman pump; but I would’ve also paired it with a pair of killer boots!

Femme Luxe Refinery Wide Leg Jeans, Wide Leg Denim
White sheer top, femme luxe refinery top, chic sheer top

Pick number three was a chic sheer white blouse called Sandee. This look is right up my alleyway as I would describe my style as chic, sleek + clean. I paired the blouse with a white satin skirt from Zara to give a true chic look. There is something about how clean (literally) an all white look is. It has somehow become my signature look. If I were to pair this top again I would probably reach for the wide leg denim previously mentioned, a pair of trousers, a pair of light was denim shorts or perhaps a dress. The options are vast when it comes to pairing something so clean + simple.

My final pick for this go round with Femme Luxe Refinery was a a black belted bodycon midi dress Angelica. First I think it is important that I mention that this dress is not for the faint of heart. Why? Well, this dress is truly a bodycon situation so please prepare to pair it with the necessary undergarments perhaps even shapewear. I selected this dress because it looked like it was a versatile option. I am always looking for pieces that translate well; from work to play and this LBD does just that.

Black bodycon midi dress, black midi dress, femme luxe refinery dress

I paired the Angelica with a pair of strappy snakeskin heels from Zara. I loved the idea of pairing the LBD with a shoe with various colors including black- pulling it all back together. But of course this minimalistic LBD can be styled a million different ways. How would you pair it?