How Your Clothing Could Be Making Your Depression Worse

2018 has been a tough but needed year when it comes to conversations surrounding mental health, depression and self care. This year has forced all of us to have more candid conversations about our feelings. See for me depression is not a new idea. Really as early as thirteen I started to understand how real depression is and its ramifications. As a teenager I witnessed and experienced first hand a wide spectrum of different forms of depression. Even more so as an adult! So it is safe to say even with all of the pharmaceutical aids depression isn’t going away and will not be swept under the rug.

“But what the heck does fashion and clothing have to do with my depression Carla?” - honestly A LOT! I want you to think back on a day where you got dressed up, maybe a bit more than usual. I want you to think about how you felt when you walked past the mirror, how you felt when you received your eighth compliment for the day or how you felt when your boss asked you to be in the company photo. GOOD feelings right?! Imagine how it would feel on the flip side. Because often times depression makes us interested we may lose the desire to want to even try but science tells us to do it anyway! That’s right your periods of sadness, grief or depression may actually be made worse by your decision to dress based on your depressive state. So grabbing the grey sweatpants and the “I want everyone to know I don’t care about this” t-shirt can actually make you feel worse! Depression should not be ignored so by all means talk to someone, accept the prescription, take an extra 20 minutes picking your outfit for the day, find a new hobby, make plans with a friend when you’re off the clock, take a personal day and head to the beach for the day. There’s no one stop solution for the thoughts and feelings that these days may seem like they are holding you captive, but I urge you to take small steps to re-claim your life and your happiness.


Peace & Love,