Help: I Hate My Whole Closet!

As a stylist and a true fashion lover I can honestly say my taste has usually edged towards funky, fashion forward pieces that scream "the fashion queen has arrived". I mean even looking back, I can remember in high school I was the girl with the neon green dr. marten boots paired with fishnets, shorts & a graphic t-shirt. I always wanted to let everyone know, one way or another I was a fashionista honey. Until one day recently, I hated my whole closet!

See I noticed about 2-3 months ago that my taste and aesthetic was changing-drastically. I still haven't coined an exact term for for new aesthetic but I am definitely working on that portion. I notice my eye is now more heavily drawn to neutrals, metallics, and subtle detail which go a long way. Instead of quirky and fashion forward I'm drawn to sophisticated and high class pieces, with clean lines and amazing fits. Perhaps we can attribute this to age and maturity or perhaps it's the case of growth- either way I'm really excited for this style ride. I've already ordered a few more neutral pieces and accessories, excuse me as I go stalk my mail-box.