Grey on Gray.

Have you ever wondered why the word gray can be spelled with an a or e? As usual we can blame the British (jk). But this look is really the outcome of a very casual saturday spent running errands but my husband & photographer happened to suggest checking out a local park. The scenery was amazing! Honestly, these pics capture about 10% of the magic happening there. But back to fashion, I love and probably always will love mixing prints, fabrics and textures. Today we will focus on mixing prints- I think the coolest thing about mixing prints is that there is no formula! You can mix colors, shapes, shades,etc. It’s really ironic that today’s mixed print look features grey looks which when combined seem cohesive but totally different. And that is exactly what you want your mixed print looks to encompass: a feeling of being totally different but working well! In order to wear this trend here’s what you must do: TRY IT! EXPERIMENT! MAKE MISTAKES!

A Creative Cliche

Top: Ralph Lauren Dress: H&M Watch: Aldo’s Shoes:F21