Formal Stripes

I was luckily enough to grab this top from a friend before she ultimately donated it to Goodwill. It was one of those tops that you don't pass up. It was a long sleeve Gap top with the softest material ever- but it fit a little snug especially in the sleeve area with my arms being tree length and all. Well, leave it to me to be excited to cut up some shirts and work my diy magic- this time it was easy. I loved the girly feel the small sized stripes & overall silhouette of the top and thought it would be essential to pair it with dark but girly skirt. What better than an a-line leather skirt with amazing dimple details?! Soft but edgy and chic, which literally defines my whole wardrobe. I'm looking forward to some major d.i.y in the coming months! Stay tuned for videos too!

A Creative Cliche


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