Date Night Style Guide: First Date

Butterflies in your stomach, nervous laughter, checking your lipgloss in the screen of your phone as you pretend someone just texted you, trying not to stumble in your heels, anticipating that first kiss... let's face it, we've all been there.

First date jitters aren't cute but with these outfit tips below, we'll make sure you look AMAZING and feel just as confident as you get ready for your first date. 


1. Keep it classy 

There's nothing worse than showing up on a first date with your bra strap hanging out and your jeans fitting way too tight. Keep it classy ladies. This is your first impression. These looks are for the woman who wants to show their date that they're sophisticated, educated, and confident. This woman is showing off classic looks in black and white, clean lines, menswear with a twist, and designer-wear with a minimalist and modern aesthetic. 



2. Casual-chic

These looks are for the more casual girl. Maybe you're going to the park for a picnic for your first date or hitting up the zoo. For a more casual date, choose florals, a flowing dress, or a two-piece set. 


3. EDGY 

If you're the woman who is usually at a hipster coffee shop writing her next novel or seeing a concert downtown - these looks are for you. This woman isn't afraid to put on a leather jacket, band tee, or wear ripped up jeans or even sneakers on her first date. She's edgy and rock n' roll meets overall girlboss. 



This is for the woman who is getting ready to head to an upscale bar and fancy restaurant. She's sporting her best dress and she's feeling bold. Chose a color like red or a satin material for an extra luxurious effect and make sure your heels are high. 



Ladies, the most important thing you need to remember before getting ready to head out on your first date - is be YOURSELF. That may sound "cliche" but sometimes we get so nervous we forget.

Make sure the outfit you choose not only suits the venue you're going to but also suits YOU and YOUR personality. 

Now get out there and slay!