7 Fashion Tips for New Moms

Mom is just another word for warrior. 

Moms hold everything together with only two hands and make it look effortless. They support our wildest dreams, make us laugh until we cry, hold us when we’re scared, lift us up when we’re down, and always seem to give the best advice. Becoming a Mom is just the start of realizing everything your Mother went through with you. If you just found out you’re going to be a Mom, get ready to embark on an incredible journey. You’ll probably start reading “What to Expect When you’re Expecting.” You’ll be asking your Mom a million questions. You’ll be asking your Doctor a millions questions. Your body is about to change – immensely. Due to this, you will need a brand new wardrobe.

Here’s where I come in. I want to make this process just a bit easier on you, so you don’t have to search too hard to find exactly what you need. Maternity clothes too often have a negative connotation. A lot of women think they’re unflattering and boring. Becoming pregnant doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re walking around in your pajamas everywhere you go – although you may want to do that sometimes. You don’t have to throw away your style just because you’re pregnant.

This post is going to give you some realistic fashion tips to help show you that it IS possible to be chic AND comfortable while you’re becoming a new mom.

1)      Make sure you have your basics – you want a few staples that you can mix and match throughout your pregnancy. Some staples may include: leggings, maternity jeans, shorts, basic cotton tops, wrap dress, and pull-over knits. Think solid colors for these staple pieces. Nude, blue, black, white, and grey are all great color choices for these staples. These colors will be able to combine with a variety of clothes already in your closet. 

So now how do you make your staples look trendy? Try adding stripes to your list! Whether that’s a simple striped top or a comfy striped dress, it is the perfect add on to you “basics” list. To complete your look, add a bold statement shoe (red, leopard, metallic) to any of your basic outfits to stay on trend. Try ASOS or Old Navy for maternity basics.



2)      Laid-Back Chic – if you’re always up for a jog or constantly hitting the gym, these next looks are for you. The athleisure section at PinkBlush is full of comfy yet chic looks for the modern, on-the-go Mom. Invest in some yoga pants and stretchy tops. Also consider investing in some quality sneakers that you can wear for when you’re active or you just need a break from the rest of your shoes.

3)      Find your perfect LBD (Little Bright Dress) – toss aside your little black dress and take a chance on something brighter this spring. Neon colors are in right now and what better way to show off that glorious baby bump of yours!? Try a stretchy, body con dress or even a jumpsuit in a solid color such as cobalt blue, neon orange, mint green, or bright yellow.

4)      Spring summed up in two words: Flowy and Floral - Whether you’re going out on a date night, having brunch on Sunday, going to a family gathering, or dressing up for your baby shower, flowy and floral works every time. Not only will something that flows feel incredible while you’re pregnant, it is also right on trend for the springtime. Try a flowy and floral maxi dress, wrap dress, or lightweight kimono you can throw over just about anything.

5)      Hustle – of course you can still look professional with your baby bump! One of my favorite trends is adding a bold pop of color in the work room. Try opting for a yellow or pink blazer to go over a black or white dress instead of just a plain black blazer over a black dress.

6)      Gotta love those graphic tees – graphic tees are in! Just imagine how many options you have to choose from while being pregnant. Below are some of my favorite graphic tees for moms-to-be that you can pair easily with jeans or shorts. Complete the look with some flats or sandals and you’ll be ready to go to the grocery store, lunch with a friend, or even a theme park for the day. Try Etsy to find a bunch of different designers that create and sell a variety of graphic tees

7)      All dolled up – if you’re attending a party or fancy dinner, don’t fret. You’re not going to let your baby bump stop you from feeling glamorous! Have you ever heard of Rent the Runway? It’s an incredible service that allows you to rent out designer brands for half the cost. They even have a “bump friendly” section! So if you’re aiming for something to make you sparkle and shine, check it out! If you’re not really a dress person, but you don’t mind skirts, try a tulle skirt. The texture has an instant glam-effect. Pull the skirt just above your baby bump and tuck in a simple, solid colored shirt. Pair this look with some low heels or wedges and amp it up with a dangling necklace or lightweight, statement earrings.